Client: TESIS

Design of web interface "Oikos", organic supermarket and accessible. Following the philosophy of the brand has tried to create a simple navigation and accessible for everyone, following a line very vegetal and ecological design.

botella instinto


Client: IED

Proposed design of the web interface of Otl Aicher following a linear navigation ensuring good communication and a sense of interaction between user and machine. Taking a line design in line with the thinking of this great artist.

revista pipeline


Client: María Escudero

Digital book design and image of Maria Escudero, interior architecture, following a clean line and minimalist to show their work online.

guia spanishway
logo divisorio


Client: IAV

Proposed site for the publisher Anaya, with the idea of giving a change to the existing one, giving a look more modern, more dynamic and more attractive.

supermercado oahu


Client: IAV

Web design theme of which was in the neighborhoods, homes or residences and interiors of New York, based on the best-known icons of New York, especially the pop icon Milton Glaser.

pantallazo i love living in ny


Client: IAV

Proposed site for WaxyWax, brand dedicated to the manufacture of wax for surfboards and surf in geneneral, the intention was to give an actual change to improve their appearance and navigation.

cuadernillos de santillana
logo divisorio


Client: IAV

Web whose theme revolves around the figure of Gaudi and his work, with particular emphasis on ease of navigation, and it is aimed at a broad spectrum of public and of course the visual arts and design exploiting the artist, it being clearly reflected in the web.



Cliente: RVGtech

Creation from a given naming of a line graph and their corresponding advertising for a bookmaker, intended to stand out among the rest of the sector, with a graphic mix of classic and concerning very modern elements.

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